About Us

About Us

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Who We Are

DITAK academy is created in Western Balkans as a German initiative to offer the best training and the latest techniques on the field of Information Technology and not only. DITAK is created by a group of Albanian and German professionals which has served many years in this field.
Our academy offers the best trainers to archive the goal.

What is our difference?

We are offering the German experience in the field of training focused in the Information Technology.
Germany is the most developed country in European Union in the field of Technology, therefore we aim to bring to Albania and to the Balkans this latest experiences and to share them with young professionals.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Is to offer to the young Albanian professionals the latest German experience in the field of IT.

The satisfaction of all the participants.

An excellent service and approach to all the attendance.

Working with talented and well prepared trainees.

Our Mission

Mission is to train this young generations and to make their knowledge broader than the university offers.

Our Values

We are a company that gives a special values to the attendance.

Creates a warm and competitive environment.


If you are interested in computers and gain programming skills, we are waiting for you!

Our Customers